Baby ball is a 'washing ball for the baby'

   - Comes in  set of two balls

  • Baby ball is made from the composition of natural ceramic ingredients for the function of cleansing and soft water, good for the skin of the baby
  • Rapidly removes toxic and chlorine substances that penetrates easily into the skin, and is good for atopic skin, sensitive, dry skin
  • When putting the baby ball in water, one floats on the top while the other goes deeper inside, causing structural change of the water to produce water good for the skin
  • Baby Ball is also good for the health of the skin, removing harmfull cholorine which ages skin.


Common sense on chlorine ingredients remaining in water : 
As chlorine remaining in tap water is absorbed into the skin while washing the face daily or bathing, it not only damages the skin by the oxidizing power and promotes aging by stimulating the skin but also can have bad effects on atopic skin.


Ceramic ball elution test result :
Certified to be suitable by Korea Testing & Research Institute / Korea Environment & Water Works Institute


Antimicrobial (sterilizing power of 99.9%) test Organization:
FITI testing & Research Institute / Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute

PiPI Baby Bath Ball Purifier

SKU: 1012
  • Baby Balls last for 6 to 8 months and must not be used with soaps 


    Fill from empty to full without using soaps then take balls out then add soaps

    Make sure bath balls are in for a total of 10 minutes before you take them out.



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