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Waters Co New Zealand Kenepuru Dr, Wellington Central, Wellington 3122

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The New BIO 1100 is our 11 Litre bench top filter system with hand blown glass reservoir & chrome tap outlet. The system comes complete with a filter kit that can last you up to 36 months.




The Omniblend blenders has combined features from some of the worlds top blenders to create one of the world’s best blender machines. Electronic programmes and manual control is available.


Full product information and specifications


Omniblend blenders has combined features from some of the worlds top blenders to create one of the world’s best blender machines.  Electronic programmes and manual control is available.

OmniBlend has an unbreakable food-grade polycarbonate jug with a melting point over 120 degrees Celsius, approved by the European Commission for Food Safety, the FDA, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL). OmniBlend also offers a BPA-free alternative 1.5 litre jug.

The 6-blade cutting assembly is made from highest quality, Japanese precision stainless steel.

Only a heavy-duty commercial blender can break down the cell walls of green leafy and root vegetables, releasing valuable phytonutrients in an easy to digest form.

OmniBlend is a revolutionary wholefood machine which can create anything from a raw living soup to a hot soup heated by friction, to a professionally perfect smoothie.

In addition, OmniBlend can puree, mix, chop, grind and whip. It has the pure grunt necessary to grind grains, coffee and spices, make baby food, nut butters and milks, pesto, breadcrumbs, and crush ice.


This 1.5 litre Omniblen blender

  • is a heavy Duty Professional Blender
  • can be used as a Benchtop or Bar Blender
  • has variable speed and Auto-Timer function
  • has apulse function
  • is a 6 blade stainless-steel cutting unit
  • blends both wet and dry
  • has a powerful, high speed motor
  • crushes Ice in seconds
  • has a high Capacity Container
  • has an extremely durable container
  • has a 7 Year  motor warranty, 2 year part Warranty for normal household use. (Commercial warranty can be purchased, please enquire for cost)

Use this commercial quality blender for multiple functions.



  • Blends
  • Mixes
  • Grinds
  • Mills
  • Minces
  • Purees
  • Chops
  • Crushes
  • Kneads
  • And much more…

BIO 1100 + Free Blender

  • Product features:

    • Totally new design
    • 11 litre capacity glass reservoir, ideal capacity for home and workplace
    • Pre-filter membrane reduces: Dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and cysts.
    • Activated coconut shell carbon bonded with silver reduces impurities - chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals & bacteria.
    • Special ion exchange resin compound for fluoride reduction averaging 99% removal
    • Quickly turns tap water into alkaline mineral water
    • Organic Germanium
    • Special Bio-Ceramics giving far infrared Ki (Life energy)
    • Clean, fresh, great tasting water
    • Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters
    • Filter set included lasts up to 12,000 litres or 36 months and has replaceable filter cartridges
    • Compact size, lightweight - no electricity or tap connection required