A Proven Track Record

No manufacturer of water filters has won as many awards for quality or as many high level endorsements & associations as Waters Co Ltd.

Est. in 1977 Waters Co Ltd Based in South Korea, have been exporting water filtration products to Australia & the world since 1984. Our products have been stringently tested resulting in a number of certifications & quality awards from internationally recognised bodies including:


  • ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation)

  • CE (Conformite European)

  • NSF International filter media (International standards testing of Water filtration products) PreFilter & Carbon 

  • USA FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

  • Water Quality Association

  • Olympic Scientific Congress

  • USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • International Star Quality Awards (Geneva, Switzerland, Spain)

  • KQA (Korea Quality Assurance)

  • World Quality Commitment Award

  • Most Environmentally Conservative Company (Korea Ministry of Environment)



this means you can be confident that your investment will meet your level of expectations, every time.

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